As Covid continues to wreak havoc in Delhi, is Delhi prepared to face its Covid peak?

26 April, 2021 | newsx bureau

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With Delhi witnessing an exponential surge in Covid-19 cases with each passing day, it became inevitable for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to further extend the lockdown measures for a week. Let's...

Delhi has continued to report over 20,000 cases yet another day with a nearly devastated health sector lacking testing facilities, medicines, beds, oxygen, and plasma. The situation is undoubtedly grim especially for the poor, not-so-well connected people who are left at the mercy of the government hospitals lacking all of the aforementioned facilities.

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Hyderabad have predicted that the ongoing second wave of  Covid19 in India may see its peak in mid-may with cases reaching up to 10 lakhs. They applied the SUTRA model (Susceptible, Undetected, Tested (positive), and Removed Approach) while predicting. It is a scaring sharp slope but scientists predict that it would be equally sharp coming down the way too.

How is Delhi preparing itself?

Both Government and private players are working hand in hand to help Delhi come out of the crisis. Oxygen Express carrying 70 tonnes of oxygen is arriving in Delhi. The Delhi High court has directed the AAP Government to rapidly increase the testing numbers. Delhi Government has also set up a portal to track oxygen supply in the city. PM cares fund has given the approval to set 8 oxygen plants in Delhi to better equip it with the ongoing oxygen crisis. Jindal Steels came forward and supplied 10 tons of oxygen to Sir Ganga Ram hospital after it faced a huge oxygen crisis on the 25th of April.

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Is it enough?

Though the Delhi Government is saying that it is leaving no stone unturned in combating the covid crisis it is facing, the measures taken don’t show a satisfactory ground keeping in mind that the peak is nearing and it is gravely high. What is needed is a more promising set of actions to be able to mitigate the upcoming peak.

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