As India battles second wave Covid crisis, US send five tonnes of O2 concentrator following worldwide outrage

26 April, 2021 | newsx bureau

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President Joe Biden has declared that the United States is committed to assist India in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Air India loaded 318 oxygen concentrators at JFK Airport in New Y...

The world is getting a better understanding of how bad Covid-19 is wreaking havoc in India. Experts believe the death toll is even higher than the 193,000 announced by the government, based on news and heart-breaking photos from country’s hospitals and cremation sites. The 1.3 billion-strong nation is now the worldwide epicentre of the pandemic.

Several countries have pledged to help India battle the pandemic, including China, the United Kingdom, France, and Russia. Following a worldwide outrage, the United States has now agreed to aid India in combating the second outbreak. According to President Joe Biden, US is committed to assist India in its battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, on their way to Delhi, Air India loaded 318 oxygen concentrators at JFK Airport in the United States.

The White House claims to have identified and will make available suppliers of raw material for India’s manufacture of the Covishield vaccine. The US also plans to pay for BioE, an Indian vaccine maker, to expand its production capabilities so that it can scale up and deliver at least 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2022.

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“Just as India sent assistance to the United States when our hospitals were overwhelmed early in the pandemic, we are committed to support India in its time of need,” Biden said in a tweet on Sunday. In his brief message, the president gave no details. However, the White House said earlier on Sunday that the US is “working around the clock” to send medical drugs and fast diagnostic COVID-19 monitoring kits to India. Ventilators and personal safety devices are also on the way, and the US will try to provide oxygen supplies as well.

Although a number of countries came forward to assist India in dealing with the second COVID-19 wave, which the WHO director-general has described as a “devastating reminder” of the virus’s strength, the United States earlier had declined to lift a ban on the export of raw materials that India’s Serum Institute claims it needs to increase Covishield supply. The US’ indifference sparked a surge of anti-US sentiment on social media in and outside of India, with netizens claiming that by making no contribution and even obstructing the global battle against the pandemic, the US is not the world leader it claims to be, but rather a greedy, negligent, and untrustworthy government that plays geopolitics to suit its own interests.

India records over 3.52 lakh Covid incidents, including 2,812 deaths, in the largest single-day increase. The total number of Covid cases in India is 1,73,13,163, with 1,95,123 deaths. Although 1,43,04,382 people have been cured of the infection. There are 28,13,658 active Covid cases in the nation.