Australia vs Facebook & Google: Scott Morrison dials PM Modi to discuss media platform bill

20 February, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison reached out to PM Modi on Thursday to discussed the proposed law. On Friday, Morisson tweeted he and his good friend Modi had discussed progress of Australi...

In a resolve to make tech giants like Google and Facebook pay for sharing news content, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed the proposed law. In what as seen as an attempt to build a strong coalition against Google and Facebook, the phone call between the two leaders happened in the aftermath of Facebook blacking out news content for its users in Australia. The situation grew tense with the social media giant’s move black out posts from essential government departments such as state fire and rescue services and crisis services such as Suicide Prevention Australia.

Even though details of the phone call are not revealed yet, Morisson on Friday tweeted that he and his good friend Modi had discussed progress of Australia’s media platform bill. There is a lot of interest in it as people are looking at what Australia is doing. As comprehensive strategic partners, the two countries can work together on issues of common concern such Covid-19, circular economy and an open, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

PM Modi, on the other hand, refrained from mentioning about the Australian news bill and said that the two leaders discussed regional issues of common interest and India looks forward to working with Australia for peace, prosperity and security in Indo-Pacific.

Earlier, Scott Morisson has expressed his concern against big Tech firms in a lengthy Facebook post. He wrote that the company’s actions confirm the concerns expressed by an increasing number of countries, i.e the Big Tech companies think they are bigger than governments and rules should not apply to them. Warning that they may be changing the world but it doesn’t mean they run it, Morrison said that Australia would not be intimated by these firms.