AutoForSure: A boon or a bane?

9 January, 2021 | newsx bureau

Sarthak Sharma and Kushagra Kumar's initiative AutoForSure aims to transform transport and travel industry. Apart from paying due attention to women passenger safety, AutoForSure also intends to ge...

The lockdown has affected almost every other business. Except for dealing with daily essentials like grocery, vegetables, food items and medicines, every other business seemed to be affected greatly. One of the badly affected domains was the transport and travel business. However, we found one initiative AutoForSure, the private travel and transport industry is coming out with this financial chaos and getting the commuters close to them. Two bright engineering students developed the platform – Sarthak Sharma and Kushagra Kumar hailing from a prestigious Indian college.

They worked during the lockdown to design the platform and worked on to rope in the drivers of auto rickshaws and taxis with their platform. In this way, they could get a long list of verified drivers ready to network with them and get business in the new normal. The duo has huge plans as far as the expansion plan of the app. They want to rope in more and more auto and taxi drivers and thus intend to launch the same at the Pan India level. Thus by the end of 2022, they intend to grow the business and rope in more and more drivers and bring it over the national level.

Simultaneously, the online platform, AutoForSure will also witness several changes in incorporating several more features. Apart from giving all due importance to women passenger safety, the duo intends to add something more. They want to generate employment for the unemployed drivers who were badly affected by the pandemic situation. It is one of the interesting initiatives by the duo engineering student, and it is likely to prosper in the coming months and years. Let’s wait and watch it more in the coming time, but at the moment the picture for AutoforSure seems pretty practical.