Beijing performs war games near Taiwan to demonstrate how it will cut Taiwan off from the rest of the world

9 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

China sent aircraft carrier Liaoning and several other vessels to conduct a combat training mission "in the Philippine Sea to the east of the island of Taiwan and south of Japan."

According to sources speaking to the state-run Chinese news agency, the region where the drills were held is crucial to China’s aspirations to reunify Taiwan by force.

On May 2, a Type 055 large destroyer, three Type 052D destroyers, a Type 052C destroyer, a Type 054A frigate, and a Type 901 comprehensive supply ship sailed from the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean via the Miyako Strait.

According to reports from Japan’s Ministry of Defense Joint Staff, these ships sailed closer to Taiwan during their drills.

The Chinese threat comes ahead of the Quad Summit in Japan, where Australia’s Prime Minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and US Vice President Joe Biden will be hosted by Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for an in-person meeting.

State-run According to the Global Times, the military drills were held in a region of the Philippine Sea that the PLA believes it can use to cut off foreign forces’ routes if they militarily interfere with Xi’s plans for Taipei.

It is also worth noting that the next Philippines president, Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr., will allow China to trample on his country’s territorial integrity and claims, thereby assisting Beijing in its bid for Taiwan.

While the Liaoning carrier group was conducting war drills, China breached Taiwanese airspace with more than 70 aircraft, including H-6 bombers, J-11 and J-16 fighter jets, KJ-500 early warning aircraft, Y-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft, and Ka-28 anti-submarine warfare helicopters.

According to reports, China intends to use the drills as a strong deterrent while the West increases its support for Taiwan’s sovereignty. The PLA Navy also stated that, while no parties were specifically targeted, its ultimate goal is to liberate Taiwan and achieve national reunification.