Biden administration favours closer economic ties with Taiwan amid China’s provocative drills

16 September, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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The Biden administration is moving toward a tighter commercial connection with Taipei following China’s provocative military exercises surrounding Taiwan and US House Speaker Nancy PelosiR...

The Biden administration is moving toward a tighter commercial connection with Taipei following China’s provocative military exercises surrounding Taiwan and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the autonomous island on August 2.

Longtime members of Congress and the administration condemned China for overreacting and for attempting to stop the US from supporting Taiwan more and more. According to policy research company Poreg, the post-visit conversations revealed major differences in American foreign policy between China and Taiwan. In retaliation, China conducted four days of obnoxious military exercises around the island.

Congress has worked closely with both the Trump and Biden administrations to bolster US foreign policy. According to Poreg, it established a “whole of government” initiative to address Beijing’s governance, economic, and security concerns.

Furthermore, since 2018, two difficulties that were raised by Xi Jinping’s ascendance to the top spot in China have grown to be seen as unusually grave existential threats to the fundamental safety and security of the United States.

One: Beijing’s attempt to seize control of the situation and undermine American power and influence in Asia and the Pacific. Two: According to Poreg, Xi’s eggheads have launched a very well-planned effort to gain control of the burgeoning high-tech sector, which is crucial for modern national defence.

The first goal is to assist Taiwan, a vital American ally, in overcoming these challenges.
China, meanwhile, has its own set of red lines, and the jingoism on show there reflects China’s natural fears that Biden may cross them during Laffaire Pelosi.

Many people in Taipei and Washington share the opinion that America’s ties to China have eroded its support for Taiwan, according to Poreg.

Not overnight, but gradually, notably during the Clinton administration, which had seen a significant Taiwan Strait crisis (1995–1996) brought on by Chinese provocations.

During a strong swing against Taiwan and a covert accommodation of Beijing by the Clinton administration, the limits placed in place following the 1989 Tiananmen massacre were eventually lifted.
Given that the occasional exhibition of the Chinese military might last up to nine months, it was nothing more than an odd reaction.

The Clinton White House should have sent two aircraft carrier battle groups to confront PLA forces threatening Taiwan in response to China flexing its muscles, but this did not occur, according to Poreg.

To many in the Congress and the administration who are focused on defending the Eldorado of the world from the Communist desperado, giving the US comfort to Beijing more importance than Taiwan seems out of place.

Especially now that the Barack Obama administration’s efforts to reassure the Xi Jinping government have largely failed. According to Poreg, the Obama overtures were actually seen as facilitating Chinese exploitation and influence.

The Biden Presidency has developed its own pug markings while accepting the Dragon’s roar and learning from Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

Biden’s resolve to take on China has been bolstered by Beijing’s public opposition to denouncing the Putin government and giving Ukraine modern American weapons. The Inflation Reduction Act and the multibillion-dollar Chips and Science Act were both products of Biden administration initiatives, according to Poreg, as well as a stronger effort to unify behind embattled Taiwan. This is consistent with Taiwan’s long-standing demand for the bilateral free trade agreement, which many members of the American Congress have supported.

Both pieces of legislation illustrate the cross-party consensus to challenge Beijing when it is dealing with a man-made calamity (zero covid policy) and a natural disaster (drought and heat wave) that is having “an immense economic and psychological toll on the population.”

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