Big Boss 13 grand finale winner: Here’s why Paras Chhabra should win the show

14 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Bigg Boss 13 grand finale winner 2020: Paras Sharma has become the talk of the town since the day he has entered the show, Paras is known as Sanskari playboy in the show and as his girlfriend, Akan...

Big Boss 13 grand finale date today, Big Boss 13 grand finale winner 2020: Paras Chhabra, the former Splitsvilla winner finds himself amidst the finalist of another reality show and this time in most-watched reality show ever Bigg Boss 13. 

Big Boss 13 grand finale date, Big Boss 13 grand finale winner:Reasons why Paras Chhabra should win

Paras has played most clinically making friends and allies with the right people at the right time making sure he stays protected at all times. Examples of this can be found throughout the season with his most impressive ally being Mahira Sharma who stood by her side at all times even when the entire house including Salman Khan was against him. That goes to show strong, his relationship-building his friends never leave his sight, no matter how worse he messes up he always stays protected and bounces back.

Paras Chabbra has been the most independent contestant, he never needed a voice to speak for him rather he was the voice for others when they needed him. In the season where everyone every had people to fight their battles for Paras at all times stood for himself and never being a pushover or being intimidated.

Paras Chhabra is known for getting tasks canceled, which is a testament to how profound his influence is in the house. And that is one of the reasons he should win. Despite being portrayed as a villain at most times he always retains his powerful and influential stature. 

Paras Chhabra has given more to an audience than the acknowledge, weeks of entertainment about who is jealous of whom in the house was initiated by our mastermind making sure that audiences have something interesting to look out for every day they tune into Bigg Boss.

The Splitsvilla winner has deserved to win Bigg Boss for one major reason which is no matter how polarizing he is among the audience. He always stays true to his friends, he is the only contestant in the house who has managed to remain friends and allies that they made at the start.

That is what the show is primarily about whether the contestants can get along with themselves or not and Paras Chhabra has shown that even in most difficult time one can retain friendships and bonds. All these reasons add up to one thing that Paras Chhabra the bad boy of the house deserves to win the Bigg Boss trophy.