Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh’s brother comedian Krushna Abhishek dismisses her story of molestation

18 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Arti Singh and Krushna Abhishek Entertainment

Bigg Boss 13: comedian and actor Krushna Abhishek was upset by the rape confession of her sister Arti singh in Bigg Boss house. Here's why.

Bigg Boss 13: As the most controversial show ends, the controversy related to it is still there. Recently, a controversy of the Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh is revolving around the internet. Arti Singh, who when entered Bigg Boss house was judged to be weak and unprofessional for the show, proved everyone wrong by her skills in the game. Her innocent and wise nature helped her a lot to cope up with other contestants in the house. She made her own space in the hearts of the audience and in the house as well. Unfortunately, an unpleasant controversy knocked on the door of Arti Singh when once in a show, she talked about a rape incident happened to her. This took place when the acid attack victim Laxmi Agarwal, on whom a biopic titled Chappak was made by Deepika Padukone came inside Bigg Boss house to interact with the contestant. She asked them to share any dreadful incident ensued to them on which Arti Singh by exaggerating the incident confessed that her house help attempted to rape her and to save herself she jumped from the first floor of her house. The rape incident described by the Arti Singh was denied in an interview by her elder brother Krushna Abhishek, he said that her sister did not face any rape attempt, the guy ran away before something happened and she might have said things in a flow. Covering her confession part and Krushna’s remark Arti Singh in an interview said that her mother and brother are upset by her confession on the rape incident. She also added that her brother hasn’t denied the rape attempt but asserts that she has overemphasized the situation. After coming out of Bigg Boss house Arti Singh shared the best and worst experiences of the house and also added that the reaction of her elder brother is normal as he only wanted her to be safe and away from controversies.