Bigg Boss 14: Sara Gurpal’s rumoured husband Tushar Kumar opens up about their marriage

7 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

Sara Gurpals; Rumoured Husband Tushar Kumar Bigg Boss Season 14, 2020

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal has already built controversy when a fellow Punjabi singer claimed that they got married in 2014 and has also shared their photos and marriage certificate when s...

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal has sparked discussion merely three days into the show. The entertainer and artist’s claims of being single have not plunked down well with her reputed spouse, Punjabi singer Tushar Kumar, who lashed out at her for concealing her marital truth. Tushar even outfitted a marriage certificate to aid his claims that he and Sara had gotten married in 2014. Also presently, Tushar uncovered that everyone is believing that he is making tall claims now that Sara is a part of Bigg boss. He says that the reports in the media are stating that he guarantees and he needs to be clear about his claims.’ I agree I did claim a a ton of things however I am not discussing our separation now.I have said this three years back in 2017′, he added.

In the pictures he shared, Sara is seen happily posing with Tushar, wearing sindoor and ethnic red and white bangles that just-married woman wear in India. However, in the wedding certificate he shared, the person he is shown married to is named ‘Rachna Devi’.He also states that people are harassing him on social media now and he thought everything was over but apparently it is not. As Bigg Boss started he was getting harassed because she claimed everywhere that she is single and people thought he was trying to take mileage by spreading lies.That’s when the singer decided to come out and speak. Since she never spoke about their marriage people thought he was a liar. ‘The problem is why you people keep dragging me into it. I have tried every bit to keep myself away from this and now I feel the only way it can stop is when she talks about it.”, he said.

Talking about what went wrong and how things intensified, Tushar said that he brought Sara to US and took the entire responsibility. But the problem started when she came here and understood that Punjabi industry is not as grown here as it is in Canada or Punjab. She tried to get work here in America but didn’t find any. That got in her head and therefore he sent her to India on his expense. He organised her return ticket to India when she wanted to go there and try for work. He then said that after going to India Sara got a side role in a movie.That’s when things started falling apart between them.

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Tushar claims that it was always all about fame for her.She chose fame over him and their marriage.He also went on to disclose that his separation with Sara is not legalized on documents. “We were married for nearly three years.We met in 2014 when she did a song and I knew the director so we started chatting. We are not legally divorced but we are separated”, he concluded.

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