BJP hatched conspiracy against Congress: Gehlot over Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification

31 March, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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Ashok Gehlot slammed the Union on Friday for disqualifying Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot slammed the Union on Friday for disqualifying Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha following his conviction and sentence of two years in a criminal defamation case, claiming that the BJP plotted a conspiracy against the Congress. He stated that the opposition is critical to democracy and that the BJP should be prepared to deal with criticism.

“They are snatching the house of the member of that great family, he was also disqualified from the Lok Sabha, but it was a big conspiracy of the central government. The opposition has its own role in a democracy. The ruling government should know how to deal with the criticisms,” said Ashok Gehlot.

On March 23, a Surat court found Rahul Gandhi guilty of criminal defamation for his remark using the surname ‘Modi,’ and sentenced him to two years in prison. However, the sentence eventually stayed for 30 days so that he may fight his conviction in a higher court.

Gehlot claimed that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was barred from speaking in the House and was disqualified after raising concerns over the Adani mine.

“Rahul Gandhi raised questions regarding Adani and he was not allowed to speak in the House and was expelled. This is the first Prime Minister who did not speak a single word in the Adani case. What is the reason?,” said Gehlot.

Referring to the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Gehlot said that Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of inflation and unemployment and did nothing wrong by addressing the issue.

“Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of inflation and unemployment in the Bharat Jodo Yatra in which lakhs of people participated. Rahul Gandhi was giving a message in Yatra, live with love and harmony, there should be no violence, what wrong did Rahul Gandhi say? Rahul Gandhi pointed out that the growing gap between rich and poor should be reduced,” he said.

When asked about the discrepancies between the Congress party and its leaders, he stated that every party has slight differences.

“There are minor differences in every party, and there are some complaints in every party, but we have been in the organization, who can understand better than us what is the feeling of the worker. I have been in NSUI, and I have been in Congress organisation all my life. No one can understand the mantra of the Congress organization better than me,” he said.