On a Quest to Preserve Heritage: Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil

18 November, 2022 | Pranay Lad


NewsX exclusively dives into a conversation with Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil where she got recognised for her excellence in entrepreneurship under the special series of NewsX India A-List

NewsX in its A-list series dived into conversation with Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil, Founder, Bhavnagar Heritage where the founder of Bhavnagar heritage got recognised for her excellence in entrepreneurship, in an endevaour to put forth some of India’s finest and brightest.

The enterprise started off as an endevaour to keep myself busy which actually turned out to be a quest to preserve the rich heritage of Bhavnagar, as she hails from the same place. “The place wasn’t given much attention like it should’ve been,” she added.

The preservation commenced with heritage walks, as people often take the place granted from where they hail and end up rejecting the places closest to them, and then the umbrella extended and covered sensitisation towards the place, we made students participate in competitions on painting their heritage and felicitated them for the same, then we invited architects to restore our heritage,” Brijeshwari said.

Currently, the foundation is restoring a museum which inculcates revamping the entire structural part of the museum. An interesting fact about the museum is, that museum has cabinets that haven’t been open since Independence, and are getting restored.

Bhavnagar is a culturally rich heritage place that shelters crafts like embroidery work, wood, and metalwork. The Bhavnagar Heritage is in continuous endevaours where the foundation is trying to keep the craft alive by teaching it to the next generation in a way that it doesn’t become boring and is “trendy” for them.

Talking about her future plan, she is working with a Mumbai-based auction house, Prinseps fine arts, which is helping her to document the life of the Oscar Winning Bhanu Athiya, who according to Brijeshwari has not been given enough credit for her legacy that she has left.