China attempts to intimidate Taiwan by import ban and military intrusions

26 June, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

China attempts to assault Taiwan's economy by forbidding the import of fish and pineapples as part of its ongoing military bullying tactics

China has chosen to assault Taiwan’s economy by forbidding the import of fish and pineapples as part of its ongoing military bullying tactics in an effort to seize control of the island nation and subjugate it under its authoritarian government.

According to social media announcements made by the Taiwanese Defense Ministry in Taipei, the PLA air force of China sent two dozen aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace. Of those, 29 aircraft of nine different types participated in the drills, including 17 fighter jets, six bombers, and an anti-submarine aircraft.

Taipei detected 29 aircraft, including Yun-9 communication countermeasure aircraft, Yun-8 reconnaissance aircraft, H-6 aircraft, one Y-20 aerial refueling craft, Air Police-500 aircraft, J-16 aircraft, Sukai-30 aircraft, and J-11 aircraft. Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft also made one sortie.

US State Department expressed its support for Taiwan by urging Beijing to stop intimidating Taiwan via military, diplomatic, and economic pressure. Across the Taiwan Strait, peace and stability are things that we genuinely care about. The US is dedicated to Taiwan in every manner imaginable and will continue to uphold peace and stability within the area as well as beyond the Taiwan Strait, as we will continue to help Taiwan retain an adequate capacity for self-defense.

China has now taken economic control of Taiwan by prohibiting all imports of the renowned grouper fish from Taiwan, after the restriction on Taiwanese pineapples entering the mainland.

The export of this fish, which is regarded as a delicacy in both nations, has forced hundreds of Taiwanese fisherman into bankruptcy.

The island’s access to China’s enormous consumer market had previously been restricted, and Taiwanese wax apples had also been outlawed on the grounds that they brought in bugs.

The Council of Agriculture in Taiwan is considering filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization regarding the Grouper ban because farmers in Taiwan cannot survive without access to the Chinese market because both fresh fruits and fresh fish are extremely perishable and must be shipped out as soon as possible after being harvested.

“The government attempted to communicate with their Chinese colleagues about the inspection procedure but received no response. An email request for response was not answered by China’s General Administration of Customs “The official Fisheries Agency’s deputy director-general, Lin Kuo-ping, made a statement.

In fact, Chen Chi-Chung, the head of Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA), has already brought up the concern that China’s move to halt imports of grouper fish from his nation violates international trade laws.

Without giving any prior notice, China’s General Administration of Customs announced on Friday that it would suspend the imports of grouper fish starting on June 13. It cited a number of findings that claimed that since last December, grouper fish imports had been using excessive amounts of the antibiotic oxytetracycline and prohibited chemicals.