China bans Tesla cars in military complexes over security concerns, Elon Musk denies claims

21 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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The Chinese government has banned the Tesla cars from entering its complexes as it believes that the cars have cameras installed on them which could be used for spying, the move is said to be the l...

The Chinese military has banned Tesla cars from entering its complexes over security concerns stating that the Tesla cars have cameras installed on the vehicles. According to reports, China is to place restrictions on state officials using Tesla vehicles citing that the cars could be used for spying. the Chinese state is going to bar the military personnel and the government officials from using Tesla cars as it is under the belief that the cameras installed inside the vehicle can be used for recording live footage and to collect important data which can be sent to the US.

As per reports, Tesla responded that the company’s privacy protection policy complies with Chinese laws and regulations and the company attaches great importance to the privacy of its customers.

Responding to China’s claim of spying cameras on Tesla cars, CEO Elon Musk said that his company would shut down if its cars were used to spy.  he further said that there’s a very strong incentive for the company to be very confidential with any information. Musk, while talking to a Chinese forum during a virtual meet on Saturday asserted that Tesla would shut down if it were ever used to spy in China or anywhere.

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The restriction and ban of Tesla cars surfaced as the top Chinese officials were holding a contentious meeting in Alaska, the first-ever interpersonal interaction since Joe Biden took office as the President of the USA.

Musk urged to form a greater mutual trust between the two countries which are also two of the biggest economies, at the China Development Forum which is a high-level business gathering hosted by a foundation under the state council.

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