China builds the world’s highest weather station on Mt. Everest

5 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

Following a research journey to the peak of Mount Everest, China has successfully erected the world's highest weather station.

At an altitude of 8,830 metres above sea level, a Chinese expedition team lead by experts has erected the world’s highest meteorological station on Mount Everest. On the icy peak, the team successfully tested the automatic station and completed a transmission to demonstrate that the system is operational.

The station is powered by solar panels and is fitted with a satellite communications system for data transfer, according to CGTN. It is meant to endure two years in adverse weather conditions and is powered by solar panels. The radio station, according to Xinhua, has been programmed to broadcast every 12 minutes.

The new station beats the previous major record set by British and American scientists who built a weather station at an altitude of 8,430 metres on the south side of Everest. On the north side of the mountain, China has already built three meteorological stations at 7,028 metres, 7,790 metres, and 8,300 metres.

Beijing now has seven such stations running between 5,200 and 8,300 metres, according to CGTN. The material needed to set up the station, according to sources, weighs roughly 50 kg and was dismantled to be brought to the peak. The station will collect data from the surrounding area, filling a gap in the world’s “third pole’s” meteorological record.

“Earth Summit Mission 2022” was the name of the expedition. The scientific crew also conducted observation and sampling missions after reaching the summit. The group is also doing research to see how thick the ice and snow are at the peak. At altitudes of 5,800 metres and 8,300 metres, the team gathered snow ice and rock samples.

The expedition’s other goals include determining the trend of climate change and studying the variance of greenhouse gas concentrations at Mount Everest’s exceptionally high altitudes.

The expedition began on April 28 with 16 teams totaling over 270 people. However, only 13 mountaineers completed the last summit attempt.