China’s Shandong gears for high seas; Xi readies Shandong for combat

9 April, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

Shadong aircraft World

China is scaling up its naval capabilities with Shandong aircraft carrier, which is expected to start its drills and trainings on high seas later this year. Shandong has conducted about nine sea tr...

As expansionist China eyes to seize control over foreign territories, it is leaving no stone unturned to prepare for combat over land, air or sea. Shandong aircraft carrier is another step towards the same direction and will be soon heading out on the high seas. Chinese media reports suggest that CCTV video clips of the vessel suggests that Shandong aircraft carrier is gearing up for the next step of its development and has conducted about nine sea trails in Bohai Bay or the South China sea.

A latest report in SCMP has quoted a source close to the Chinese navy as stating that the Shandong is expected to start its drills and trainings on high seas later this year. This is particularly deemed as a necessary step to achieve Initial operational capability.

Speaking about the preparations involved in the development of the carrier, Zhou Chenming, a researcher in Yuan Wang military think tank, stated that after the shipbuilder hands over the ship to the navy, it takes an extensive period of about 18 months to achieve IOC as it involves the testing and approval of thousands of items.

In addition, the Chinese are also preparing to launch a third aircraft carrier later this year, which is touted as the world’s most advanced electromagnetic catapults for launching jets. To defeat China in its own game, India must step up its naval capabilities.