China sends high-level team to Nepal to defuse ongoing political crisis

27 December, 2020 | newsx bureau

NEPAL CRISIS- Split in NCP World

As there continues to be tension between the party leaders of Nepal Communist Party, China has sent a delegation in an attempt to resolve the crisis. The team has been sent to try and bridge the d...

China seems wary, as it has hurriedly sent a high-level delegation led by a vice minister of the Chinese Communist Party, to Nepal to oversee and assess the current situation of the warring Nepal Communist Party leaders today. The team sent is led by Guo Yechau, they are scheduled to meet with the clashing leaders in attempt to avoid a split in the Nepal Communist Party. This has taken place a week after embattled Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli got the House of Representatives dissolved.

After meeting with President Bidya Devi Bhandari, Chinese ambassador Hou Yanqi is also said to have met with Prime Minister, K P Oli’s rival, P K Dahal aka Prachanda, who is the co-chair of the ruling Nepal Communist Party. The meeting with Bhandari took place two days after the President signed off on Prime Minister K P Oli Sharma’s recommendation to dissolve Parliament. Oli’s decision to dissolve Parliament would have given him a smooth run up to the elections and he would also split the Nepal Communist Party.

China has been completely avert regarding the split. On an earlier occasion, Hou was successful in convincing both sides to patch up. However, over the last few months the Chinese envoy has been less successful, especially after Beijing indicated that it was not averse to a change of prime minister if the communist party was intact.

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On Sunday, Oli announced that he would be dissolving the Parliament. The decision taken by Nepal’s Prime Minister, K P Oli to dissolve Parliament would have given him a free reign to run the government and also split the party formed in 2018 by the merger of his Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) with the Prachanda’s Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Centre. The Supreme Court has termed the decision taken by Oli as a constitutional coup.

This decision by China has shown that it is desperate for the party leaders to resolve their differences and work together. It can also be said that China can be seen as intervening in Nepal’s internal conflicts and this is being protested against, by the people of Nepal.

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