Commercial LPG cylinder prices slashed by Rs 171.5 per unit

1 May, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastav

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The move comes after prices of the commercial cylinders were reduced the last time in September 1 last year by Rs 91.50.

According to sources on Monday, petroleum and oil marketing companies have reduced the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 171.50 with immediate effect from Monday.

The cylinder price for a 19 kg LPG in Delhi now stands at Rs 1,856.50 after the move. Previously, the prices of Gas Cylinders had come down by Rs 91.50 per unit, standing at Rs 2,028 per unit.

On March 1, this year, petroleum and oil marketing companies raised the cost of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 350.50 per unit and domestic LPG cylinders by Rs 50 per unit.

Commercial cylinder costs were decreased by Rs 91.50 for the last time on September 1, last year. Commercial Gas cylinder prices were cut by Rs 36 on August 1, 2022. Prior to that, charges for the 19-kilogram commercial cylinder were reduced by Rs 8.5 per unit on July 6.

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