Communal violence in 5 states on Ram Navami: Vehicles set on fire, shops damaged & 1 dead

11 April, 2022 | Priyanka Sharma

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From New Delhi to Gujarat to West Bengal, Ram Navami processions were disrupted.

The occasion of Ram Navami witnessed communal breakouts in 5 states across the nation. From New Delhi to Gujarat to West Bengal, Ram Navami processions were disrupted. One death has been reported from Gujarat’s Anand district, while there are reports of stone-pelting, burning of shops, arrests, and many sustaining injuries.

In West Bengal’s Bankura, ruckus broke out during a Ram Navami procession when people tried to break the barricading done by the police. When the police tried to stop it, it is alleged that some people from the crowd started pelting stones. After this, the police had to lathi-charge to drive away the crowd. So far 17 people have been arrested in this case.

In Gujarat’s Sabarkantha, some miscreants pelted stones on a Ram Navami procession, leading to a huge uproar. Several vehicles and shops were set on fire. In another similar incident in Gujarat, one person died in the Anand district following communal clashes. The police have arrested more than 15 people for creating a ruckus.

There was a huge uproar in Khargone city of Madhya Pradesh as well. There was arson in the city, in which 4 houses were completely gutted. Reports are rife that the tensions started after miscreants objected over the DJ during the procession of Ram Navami.

Dozens of people were injured in an attack in Jharkhand after some people from other community asked not to raise slogans near the graveyard. By the time someone could understand something, some people involved in the procession started pelting stones.

In Delhi’s JNU, on the other hand, a controversy started after two groups of students clashed over the stopping non-veg food on Ram Navami and obstructing worship leading to stone pelting, in which a total of 6 students were injured.