Congress is sinking ship, people have rejected violent Communist rule: Amit Shah

7 February, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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A roadshow from “Ashram Chowmuhani” to “Chowmuhani Mode” was organised on Monday in Agartala at Banmalipur by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Tripura Chief Minister Manik ...

A roadshow from “Ashram Chowmuhani” to “Chowmuhani Mode” was organised on Monday in Agartala at Banmalipur by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha. During the roadshow, Shah responded to the Tipra Motha Party’s call for a Greater Tipra Land in an interview. 

“The demand for the Tipra land was raised when the Communists were being unjust with the tribals. The BJP has brought about inclusive development, which also includes tribal communities. Tribals have got everything under the BJP,” he said.

In Tripura, Shah indicated confidence in the BJP’s ability to form a new government with a larger majority than in 2018. “The double-engine government will return with a bigger majority than before,” he said. The Home Minister claimed that the large crowds that attended his roadshow and public events demonstrated the widespread public support for the BJP.

“Thousands of people are here. This shows that there is huge support for the BJP. Congress is a sinking ship and people have rejected violent Communist rule. BJP gave houses, electricity, drinking water, free ration and Covid vaccines to the people, across communities,” the Union Home minister said.

In Tripura, a state that is soon to have elections, Shah earlier on Monday took a harsh stance against the CPI(M) and the Congress, claiming that both parties ignored the needs of the people and the state.

The BJP-led administration in Tripura, according to Shah, cannot be accused of corruption because both parties engaged in scandals while in power.
Both the Congress and communists are corrupt. Both have manipulated the state and the populace. Compare the effects of the BJP’s five-year administration with the effects of nearly 30 years of Communist government and 15 years of Congress rule. The home minister assured the audience in this location that they would receive all the answers.
Shah asserted that the BJP has led a transparent administration in the state and strived to advance the interests of the underprivileged.

“The Leftists indulged in scams and so did the Congress. Now, the two have come together. No one can level a single allegation of corruption at the BJP. Ours has been a transparent government under the leadership of Modi-ji, a government which has worked for the welfare of the poor,” he said.

In outlining the work done by the BJP government in the state, Shah claimed that the state’s indigenous groups no longer face injustice.

“Under the BJP government in Tripura, the crime rate in the state has decreased by 30 per cent. We never targeted any CPM worker but more than 250 BJP workers were killed between 2016-18. I am standing before you after 5 years, I can say with pride that the BJP has changed the face of Tripura after ending the 27-year-long misrule of the Communists. An orgy of violence went on in Tripura for 27 years and it wasn’t until the BJP came to power that things changed for the better. The injustice that was being done to our tribal brothers and sisters for 27 years came to an end after we formed the government,” he said.

“Work on making over 9,000 terrorists in the Northeast surrender and providing permanent settlements to the Bru-Reang refugees was done by the BJP,” Shah added. On February 16, Tripura will hold elections for the Assembly. In addition to those for Meghalaya and Nagaland, the votes will be counted on March 2.