Country is saying “Modi Tera Kamal Khilega”: PM Modi lambasts Congress over ‘Kabar Khudegi’

24 February, 2023 | Pragati Singh

Modi National

But the country is saying 'Modi tera kamal khilega.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Congress for using the slogan “Modi teri kabar khudegi” (Modi, your grave will be dug) on Friday, saying that the country and people are saying “Modi Tera Kamal Khilega” (Modi, your lotus will bloom). In response to the remarks of the Congress, the Prime Minister stated that the country will give a “befitting reply” to those who use offensive thinking and language.

“I can see BJP all around in Meghalaya. Be it hills or plains, village or town, I can see the lotus bloom. Those who have been rejected by the country, who the country is no more ready to accept, are now chanting ‘Modi teri kabar khudegi’. But the country is saying ‘Modi tera kamal khilega’,” PM Modi said while addressing an election rally here on Friday.

PM Modi went on saying, “The people of the country will give a befitting reply to the people having such offensive thinking and language. The people of Meghalaya and Nagaland will also give a reply.”

After Congress leader Pawan Khera was denied boarding a flight to Chhattisgarh’s Raipur at the Delhi airport on Thursday, Congress leaders allegedly raised the slogan ‘Modi teri kabar khudegi’. A video of the incident was also shared on social media platforms.

The Prime Minister went on to say that Meghalaya requires a “people-first” government rather than a “family-first” government.

“Today, Meghalaya wants a government with People First instead of Family First, so today ‘lotus flower’ has become synonymous with strength, peace and stability of Meghalaya. When I think of Meghalaya, I think of talented people, and vibrant traditions. I am here with a message of hope and development. India is scaling new heights of success and Meghalaya is making a strong contribution to it. We want to build it further and work for the state,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister claimed that the BJP’s popularity is the result of “selfish acts” by a few families.

“Be it youth, women, traders, or government servants, everyone is asking for a BJP government. The sentiment in support of BJP in Meghalaya, as well as North East, is a result of the selfish act by a few families. Meghalaya’s interests were never given priority… You were divided on small issues. This politics has done you a lot of harm… It has done a lot of harm to the youth here,” he said.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister held a roadshow in Shillong ahead of the rally. PM Modi thanked the people for their love and promised to repay them by bringing development to Meghalaya.

“I have been blessed to be here and I thank everyone for the love showered on me during the roadshow. This love and blessings from the people of Meghalaya will be repaid by bringing development to Meghalaya,” he said.

Meghalaya and Nagaland will hold Assembly elections on February 27. The voting will take place on March 2nd.