Covid-19 cases in Wuhan may have been ten times higher than official figure: Study

30 December, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Covid-19, Wuhan World

As per the results of a latest study, the number of coronavirus cases in Wuhan, China may have been ten times higher than the official figures. The latest study suggests that the number of people i...

Even as China continues to refute claims that Covid-19 emerged from the labs of Wuhan and own the blame for its initial handling of the pandemic, a recent study suggests that the scale of the pandemic might have been much higher. Based off the results of a serological survey conducted by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4.4% people, who had undergone the test, were found with specific antibodies to fight off the virus, suggesting that they were indeed infected sometime in the past.

This also suggests that the number of cases in China would have been nearly 10 times more than what was officially reported by Chinese health officials in Mid-April last year, taking the case load to not 50,000, but 500,000 in China.

With the global community turning its back towards China in view of its sheer irresponsibility and attempt to downplay the pandemic, these revelations may turn up the heat even more. If the number of cases are much higher than what was reported, chances are that the Wuhan virus and the virus in Wuhan is not over yet.

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Even though nations across the world have begun rolling out vaccines and inoculating their population, we are facing the possibility of a fourth wave with the detection of new Covid strains in countries like UK and South Africa and its spread across the world.

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