Covid-19 outbreak in Shanghai

3 April, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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China's daily COVID-19 cases hit a new high on Friday

China’s daily COVID-19 cases hit a new high on Friday, as the country grapples with mounting public outrage over Shanghai’s Covid-Zero policy.

Despite the fact that Shanghai’s pandemic is larger than the previous Wuhan outbreak, Chinese specialists believe its severity is lesser. The expansion of the range of mass screening, according to Shanghai’s local health officials, is to blame for the city’s increase in infections.

“The number of positive cases recorded today has increased compared to the previous two days because we screened more broadly,” stated Wu Qianyu, a Shanghai Municipal Health Commission official.

Meanwhile, medical systems can be swiftly overwhelmed by the requirements to isolate all positive patients — regardless of severity — due to the “zero-Covid” policy.