Karnataka: Neighbour Stabs Girl To Death For Refusing His Proposal

The accused has not yet been caught but the search for him is in the process. Read on to know more

A 21-year-old boy stabbed a 20-year-old girl with knife which resulted in her death becuase she rejected his proposal. The incident happened in the early morning of May 15th, 2024 in Karnataka’s Hubbali.

As per latest reports, the girl, Anjali Ambigera was sleeping in her house early morning, when the boy, Girish Sawant who is also her neighbour, went to her home and stabbed her to death with a knife.

The victim’s body had been retrieved by the police and sent for the autopsy. The accused, Sawant has not yet been caught but the search for him is in the process.

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The reason for the attack is Anjali’s refusal to come into relationship with Sawant as the later was repeatedly forcing her to accept his proposal.

Hubbali-Dharwad Police Chief Gopal Byakod stated, “The murder was reported in Veerapur Oni village. We have registered the case and are investigating further to ascertain the motive behind this tragic incident. A team has been formed to apprehend the perpetrator.”

A similar case happened in Hubbali not more than a month ago when Neha Hiremath, 23, was stabbed multiple times by her classmate Fayaz Khondunaik on a college campus and died on her way to the hospital.

While the accused was being interrogated, he told the police that he was in a relationship with Neha, but she had started avoiding him all of a sudden which was the cause for him to attack her, as confirmed by a senior officer.

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