Cyclone Asani: Situation getting under control

22 March, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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The situation of Cyclone Asani is getting under control in Andaman and Nicobar with clear clouds and light.

The Andaman and Nicobar climate is striving for action in the effect of global warming. On Tuesday, Andaman and Nicobar got hit with a heavy rainfall turning into a cyclonic storm.

The deep depression of the Andaman Sea was expected to move towards the port city of Thandwe in Myanmar by noon. This alarming situation has ailed the navy and army to be on standby.

However, as per the recent developments, the weather officer has issued a relaxing statement stating that the wind flow is seen to decrease gradually with 45-55 kmph gusting to 65 kmph from the coasts of Myanmar and adjoining the east-central Bay of Bengal and the north Andaman Sea.

The Indian Meteorological Department issued a list of names of Tropical Cyclones over the north Indian Ocean. The current list has a total of 169 names including 13 names each from 13 WMO/ESCAP member countries.

The IMD has suspected that this storm will take a bad turn for the Myanmar region as the ocean coast is showing latitude between16°N & 18°N. This disruption aimed the government to execute and install control rooms in three districts of the union territories to further be ready and keep a hold of this crisis. The tourists’ activities have been canceled and fishermen were asked not to invest in any kind of fishery business in this region for the time being.