Dealing with early age success with beautypreneur Jyotsna reddy

20 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Jyotsna Reddy is one of the prominent faces in the beauty industry. She ventured into the beauty business in her early twenties and there was no turning around in her career. She shares four mantr...

While success for everyone is applause and praises, It takes the same effort and courage to accept it as much it does for failure too. Speaking of one entrepreneur who dealt with success at a very young age, Jyotsna reddy ventured into the beauty business in her early twenties and there was no turning around in her career. Here are a few principles and mantras set out by her that you need to take in to enable you to be proud of yourself.

Believe in your success and accept it with grace often individuals work with commitment yet end up misappropriate success that they truly deserve. Reddy reckons when individuals believe in their hard work, should also affirm and deserve the success they have endeavored.


1.A big no to undervaluing

Anything in extremes might lead to chaos. In a recent interview, Jyotsna Reddy  said that” undermining your capabilities and not accepting your achievements can lead to lower self-esteem “. At the same juncture, it is always good to have anything at optimum levels.


One needs to reflect on their success as it enables them to be a better person. Reflecting would not only lead to a positive mentality but also identify further areas of improvement and enhance emotional intelligence. Also, one would be decisive in a much more confident way.

3.Share your success with those you love and respect your success

When you achieve something, it is very paramount to vibe around people who radiate positivity. Not only will they indeed respect and reckon the success you deserve, but also inspire you to do better and you will inspire them right back. It is paramount to remember the most successful people are those who have a happy, healthy, and positive life.

4.Understand the prominence and importance of success

People tend to idealize who is successful. Imagine the ability to influence and inspire others to do better. While some people may be envious, others might take inspiration from you as they now can resonate better with your personality.