Delhi Police takes DNA samples of Shraddha’s father to match traced bones

16 November, 2022 | Vaishali Sharma

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The Delhi Police has taken DNA samples from Shraddha's father Vikas Walker so that the dumped body parts and blood sample can be matched.

The Delhi Police, which is investigating the horrific Shraddha Walker murder case in which her live-in partner Aftab Amin Poonawala allegedly strangled Walker to death and chopped her body into 35 pieces before dumping it in the national capital’s Chhatarpur area, has taken DNA samples from Shraddha’s father Vikas Walker so that the dumped body parts and blood sample can be matched.

The DNA sample of Shraddha’s father has been taken, according to senior Delhi Police officials. The woodland has yielded around 10-13 bones. They were taken to a forensic lab to determine if the bones belonged to Shraddha or to an animal.

As the investigation into the murder of Shraddha Walker continues, Delhi Police have discovered blood traces in the kitchen of accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla’s flat in Delhi’s Chhatarpur. The blood samples have been submitted for testing to determine who’s blood it is.

The Delhi Police has begun mapping the Chhatarpur area using CCTV cameras. Since the murder occurred six months ago, investigators are attempting to compile a six-month record. The challenge for the police is that most of the CCTV’s capture record is for 15 days; in this situation, Delhi Police must scan vast amounts of footage.

According to sources, police are also reviewing CCTV footage to determine who Aftab was meeting these days.

“A lot of work has to be done. The weapon, Shraddha’s head and mobile phone are yet to be traced. The clothes worn by Aftab and Shraddha on the day of the murder have not been found. These clothes were thrown in a garbage-moving vehicle,” ANI quoted its sources.

Delhi Police recovered a bag of Shraddha in Aftab’s house, which has her belongings. The bag has to be now identified with Shraddha’s family.

Delhi Police had applied for the Narco test of the Aftab on Saturday but till now no permission has been granted by the Court, ANI reported.

Aftab was arrested on Saturday after Delhi police started probing into a missing complaint filed by Shraddha’s father.

Aftab had attempted to dupe the police of Delhi and Mumbai in the initial days of the investigation.
Aftab had tried to hide the murder of Shraddha by removing any physical evidence, however, he had left the digital evidence that the police traced to reach the truth of the case.

When Delhi Police initiated the investigation, Aftab had told the police that Shraddha had left the house on May 22 (Shraddha was killed on May 18), after a fight. He said that she had only carried her phone with herself and had left her belongings in his flat. He claimed that she was unreachable and he had not come in contact with her since then, according to ANI.