Delhi to soon have the world’s largest Covid-19 facility, the size of 22 football fields

17 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

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To successfully manage the expected wave of coronavirus cases in the capital, the Delhi government is converting Radha Soami Spiritual Centre in South Delhi into world's largest provisional coronav...

To effectively tackle and manage the avalanche of coronavirus positive cases in the capital, the Delhi government have given a green signal to revamp the Radha Soami Spiritual Centre in South Delhi into the world’s largest provisional COVID-19 care facility with 10,000 beds. One of the most crucial yet fascinating features of the facility is its corrugated cardboard beds, which need not be sanitised daily but can be and are recyclable.

“These beds need not be sanitised as the virus does not remain stable on cardboard for more than 24 hours,” said Vikram Dhawan, director of Dhavan Box Sheet Containers Pvt limited, while taking pride in supplying these reusable and eco-friendly beds for the facility.

The temporary Covid-19 care facility in Chhatarpur spans over an area of 12,50,000 square feet, as massive as 22 football fields, with preinstalled CCTV cameras and fans accommodating 3 lakh people, who would attend sermons and hold religious gathering before the pandemic.

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Distinctly, the location emerges out to be the best option in a short period to be converted into a transient Covid care facility.“The facility was being used to shelter migrant workers until recently. Its community kitchens are semi-industrial and can feed thousands of people at a time”, stated Vikas Sethi, secretary of Radha Soami Satsang Beas, Bhati Mines.

BM Mishra, South Delhi magistrate, who is also keeping an eye on the work, said that the facility will function as per the central healthcare guidelines on Covid. It will operate like 20 mini hospitals with 500 beds, each. Mr. Mishra further added that the military, paramilitary will help with operations, maintenance, manpower, logistics, and medical equipment.

As claimed by the Delhi government, the estimated number of coronavirus cases within the capital is prone to breach the 5 lakh mark, by this July. The metropolis has currently devoted 10,000 Covid-19 beds in central, private and state-run hospitals.

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