G20: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurates ‘Future of Work’ exhibition in 3rd EdWG meeting

23 April, 2023 | Vaishali Sharma

Dharmendra Pradhan National

Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Education, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship, launched a one-of-a-kind 'Future of Work' exhibition on Sunday as part of the G20 EdWG.

Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Education, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship, launched a one-of-a-kind ‘Future of Work’ exhibition on Sunday as part of the G20 EdWG (Education Working Group).

This special expo is being organised on the margins of the 3rd EdWG meeting, which will be held at the CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology in Bhubaneswar from April 23-28. The exhibit includes institutes and organisations from a variety of sectors, such as NIT Rourkela, IIT Bhubaneshwar, IIM Sambalpur, Meta, UNICEF, NCERT, and many more, showcasing technologies that will drive the future of work, constant innovations in the modern workplace, future skills, and innovative delivery models.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and Ministry of Education (MoE) will also organise prelude activities on April 23 and 24, with the subject ‘Deep Tech with a Focus on Advanced Technology in Future of Work’ for Day 1. Multiple panel discussions have been planned to delve deeper into themes surrounding the emergence of deep tech and its impact on the future of work, including India’s chances in the global semiconductor ecosystem, the realm of digitalization, and new-age entrepreneurs, according to an official statement.

Along with the exhibition, MSDE and MoE are establishing a one-of-a-kind future of work experience zone. The exhibition intends to demonstrate to the youth how the Future of Work will progress by providing a glimpse of the advanced technical talents and softer transferrable skills required at this experience zone to remain market relevant. The zone will make use of cutting-edge technology like as holograms, interactive surface tables, and interactive walls, allowing visitors to participate in a fully immersive experience that depicts the future of work. Visitors will be able to see and experience firsthand how automation and digitization are changing the way we work in a variety of industries, according to the announcement.

During the exhibition, visitors will be able to see many highlights, including the Future of Work exhibit in three sectors (agriculture, mobility, and healthcare), Metaverse, Reverse engineering and automated design solutions, drone technology, Ed-tech solutions leveraging AR/VR, industry 4.0 skills, vernacular learning-based tech solutions, virtual internship solutions, and assistive technology and tactile display for inclusion, as well as a live demonstration of assistive technological innovation.

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