“Digital health would bring healthcare within the reach and accessibility of everyone in the country”: Praveen Singhal, Co-Founder & Director, BeatMySugar

14 April, 2021 | newsx bureau

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In an exclusive conversation with NewsX as part of the NewsX India special segment A-List series, Co-Founder and Director of BeatMySugar, Praveen Singhal talks about his venture which is a one-stop...

Praveen Singhal, Co-founder, and Director of BeatMySugar recently sat with NewsX for a conversation as part of NewsX India’s special A-List series. BeatMySugar is a tech-powered, comprehensive, and unique platform that focuses on making best-in-class diabetes care effortless, affordable, and easily accessible to everyone. 

Speaking about the ethos of the company, Mr. Praveen said- ”BeatMySugar is a platform for people with diabetes with an intent to be true partners in life. So the ethos driving the corporate culture is in sync with it and our ethos are collaborative, transparency, progressive, and integrity. We always believe in growing along with all our stakeholders and delivering the best solutions to our customers using all the progressive tools and technologies available in the area of healthcare.”

Talking about how the platform is inclusive for its customers, Mr. Praveen Singhal stated – ”There are three main pillars of BeatMySugar. The first one is ‘Education’, the second is ‘Product’ and the third is ‘Service’. In Education, we have very exclusively self-curated content from various key opinion leaders and our internal medical affairs team to disseminate the right information and knowledge to people with diabetes. Along with that, we have come up with one of its kind in India, a diabetes education programme co-authored by leading diabetologists of national and international repute to help people understand the basics of diabetes so that they can start their self-monitoring of this silent pandemic. On the product side, whatever a person with diabetes need, be it food or supplements, food care, books or medicines, and devices, we make it available to them and the most important thing, the core of BeatMySugar services which help them manage their lifestyle in terms of doctor’s consultation, diet, fitness plans, and lab services as well as fulfilling their other requirements. so that’s why we call it an inclusive model for people with diabetes.”

Speaking about the idea of starting a One-Stop platform for people with Diabetes, Mr. Praveen said- ”It came from within the families of co-founders with two of them being diabetic. Shaurya was diagnosed with type II diabetes at the age of 12 and Atul had type II diabetes for over 2 decades.  Having understood the pain and the trouble they had in finding all the requirements at one place, that gave the thought for BeatMySugar. After that we found that though India is becoming the world capital of diabetes, awareness, and the right information about the same is completely missing. That’s when we came up with the concept of BeatMySugar.”

Sharing the offers and the benefits that BeatMySugar provides to its customer and how can it serve those who have diabetes, Mr. Singhal elaborated, ”The help is in the form of complete care and that is what we intend to provide. It is driven by our concept which is in the DNA of our company and that is- Educate, Empathise, Engage and Evolve. With this, we are there to take care of all the requirements and be the true partners to our customers in their journey with diabetes.”

Talking about the reluctance and the fear in the mind of those having the disease, Mr. Praveen shed some light upon the transparency that the company has and gaining the trust of the customers, ”Our ethos of transparency and integrity, they drive the trust from the people and that gets reflected in the results that we have had so far. At present, we have over 35% orders from our customers. This also gets accelerated because this is one place where they get all the right information. The doctors that are associated with us and the content that is available is one way of helping them get the right information about diabetes. so this is how the prospective is built up,” he said.

Speaking about the queries that are received on a daily basis to BeatMySugar, Mr. Singhal underlined- ”The major query that we get is surprisingly from various brands and vendors wherein they are showing interest to collaborate with us and asking how they can associate with us or how their products can be onboarded with BeatMySugar. I think that is one of the major queries and I think it is very interesting and motivating for us because it shows the kind of traction and the visibility of what this platform has already built.”

When asked about the R&D of the company, Mr. Praveen Singhal responded ”We are developing various tools so that remote monitoring enabled by data science and artificial intelligence can be put into use wherein rather than being reactive, we provide a proactive solution to people with diabetes, helping them manage their disorder.” He further talked about connecting with customers from tier-1 and tier 2 cities rather than just metropolitan ones. ”If you look at the way this complete ecosystem is changing. The Internet penetration rate is going higher and higher in India and it is expected that we would have a better connection by 2025. Smartphones numbers are also increasing and we are expected to have about 966 million by the year 2023. We are talking of Digital health or Mobile health that would bring the healthcare within the reach and accessibility of everyone in the country.”

On a parting note, Mr. Singhal shared the vision of the company,” BeatMySugar is and would be a fully integrated tech-enabled platform and our vision is to be the leading provider of diabetes care with our continuum of care model not only in India but in other parts of the world as well.”