DMK’s TKS Elangovan defends Udhayanidhi, accuses Sanatan of opposing equality

7 September, 2023 | Muskan Menghani

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Elangovan highlighted that Udhayanidhi's comments were focused on advocating equal treatment for all individuals.

Defending Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin, who faced criticism from the BJP and religious leaders for his remarks equating Sanatan Dharma with diseases like dengue, malaria, and corona and calling for its eradication, fellow party leader TKS Elangovan has argued that ‘Sanatanam’ is against the principle of equality.

Elangovan highlighted that Udhayanidhi’s comments were focused on advocating equal treatment for all individuals, emphasizing the idea that everyone is born equal with blood that knows no caste or creed. He contended that this principle of equality has been upheld since ancient times. However, he stated that ‘Sanatana’ (Sanatan Dharma) opposes this concept of equality, leading to Udhayanidhi’s call for its abolition and eradication.

Elangovan questioned why the BJP should oppose Udhayanidhi’s remarks if ‘Sanatana’ conforms to the concept of equality and fair treatment for all, regardless of their faith or caste.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the controversy surrounding Udhayanidhi’s comments during a Council of Ministers meeting, instructing his ministers to counter the Opposition’s narrative with factual information. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin also defended his son, emphasizing that Udhayanidhi did not call for “genocide” but spoke against discrimination.

In response to the uproar, Trichy police booked BJP’s IT cell head Amit Malviya for allegedly spreading misinformation and distorting Udhayanidhi’s remarks. This move appeared to be a response to Udhayanidhi and Congress leader Priyank Kharge being booked for allegedly “hurting religious sentiments” based on a complaint filed by two advocates in Uttar Pradesh.

Udhayanidhi had made the controversial remarks at a conference in Chennai, where he likened ‘Sanatana’ to diseases that should be eradicated rather than merely opposed.

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