Donald Trump India Visit: US President, PM Narendra Modi sign $3bn defence deal, say they will act against state-sponsored terror

25 February, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Donald Trump Narendra Modi joint statement National

Donald Trump India Visit: Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and his team of dignatories have reached Delhi on the second day of their maiden trip to India. Encapsulating key points of India US...

US President Donald Trump has reached Delhi on the second day of his maiden trip to India. In a joint press statement issued by the two leaders on February 25, 2020, Tuesday, they highlighted the various key points that found mention in US-India bilateral talks.

Donald Trump in his speech at Hyderabad House said that the two countries have made significant development on striking a trade agreement, which will prove beneficial for both the countries. He expressed that US exports and high-quality American energy to India have witnessed a rise of 60% and 500% respectively.

The two leaders also discussed the need for enhanced cooperation in building military and defence capabilities. Mr Trump also revealed that India has decided to invest $ 3 Billion in the defence sector by purchasing advanced military equipment like Apache and MH-60 Romeo Helicopters, which are considered as finest in the world.

Talks were also held on developing a secure 5G wireless network and combatting radical Islamic terrorism. Donald Trump also indirectly hit out at Pakistan by saying that the US is working with Pakistan to confront terrorists operating on their soil.

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that strengthening defence ties found a special mention in US-India partnership, along wih many other aspects like security, energy strategic partnership, trade to ties between people. Furthermore, he said that talks are on to give legal shape to a big trade deal between both the countries.

The second day of Donald Trump’s maiden visit in India started with a ceremonial reception of him, First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump at Rashtrapati Bhawan, where they received a warm welcome from PM Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind and Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Mr Trump also inspected the arms forces at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

This was followed by a quick visit by Donald Trump to Rajghat where they paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. In the visitor’s book of Raj Ghat, Donald Trump wrote that Americans stand by with sovereign and wonderful India, which is the vision of Mahatma Gandhi. The couple also planted a small tree at Rajghat.

Donald Trump and his team of officials then headed to Hyderabad House for an important meeting with PM Narendra Modi, where they spoke on various important aspects of US-India partnership. Meanwhile, First Lady Melania Trump visited Sarvodaya Co-Ed Senior Secondary School in Nanakpura. She was greeted by the school students, who had also put up a special dance performance for her.

Addressing the student body, First Lady Melania Trump thanked them for a kind welcome on her first visit to India and talked about her Be Best initiative. Melania Trump said that she works with small children to promote ideas of well-being, which include dangers of drug abuse, online safety and overall well being of children.

On Day 1, Donald Trump and PM Narendra Modi addressed a crowd of more than 1 Lakh at the Namaste Trump event in Ahemdabad. Mr Trump also paid a visit to Sabarmati Ashram along with Melania Trump. Towards the end of the day, Donald Trump and his delegation paved his way to Agra to visit Taj Mahal.