Dr. Rita Jairath: How this female Bodybuilder has been inspiring others to chase their dreams

9 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Many years of earnest work have led Dr. Rita Jairath on a path of attaining vast experience in everything that she has tried her hands on.

A lady who has achieved it all, Dr. Rita Jairath is a revolutionary name amongst the Indian women in the athletic and bodybuilding world. Her journey from being a hardworking and diligent athlete to a successful businesswoman in Delhi, she is truly an inspirational figure for all the women out there. Winner of the prestigious Pro-Card award from the International Federation of Bodybuilding, Dr. Rita Jairath has been defying social norms with her immense number of achievements in several fields including athletics, Bharatnatyam, speaker at an international level, and many more works of fame under her sleeve.


Many years of earnest work have led Dr. Rita Jairath on a path of attaining vast experience in everything that she has tried her hands on. Her expertise in bodybuilding has proved to be a blessing for newcomers in this field, as they have had the life experience of being trained by one of the best athletes in the country.


A trained Bharatnatyam dancer from the Tamil Nadu State Bhawan, Dr. Rita Jairath is currently learning more of this art form from the famous Ms. Sudhana Shankar, who is herself a disciple of Padma Bhushan and PadmaVibhushan legend, Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan in Ganesh Natyalaya. The grace and expressions with which Dr. Rita Jairath performs have made her attain top positions in various Bharatnatyam dance competitions held at the national level, hence making her a success in everything she does.  


Along with her professional career, Dr. Rita Jairath is also a hero in her personal life. With the undying spirit of overcoming every challenge that comes her way, she has dedicated her entire life towards her child who is a 31 years old individual suffering from autism. Her vision of bringing a change in the lives of people who are battling their demons has pushed her a great deal towards working for their betterment, which will in turn bring about a positive impact on society.


A star of the fitness industry, Dr. Rita Jairath is also a world-renowned speaker who has even been the judge of several competitions that are all about empowering people, especially women. Owing to her contribution towards Women’s Bodybuilding and Fitness, she has been the recipient of many eminent awards. A few of which are, World Association of Women Warriors’ (WAOW) award of honor presented to her by the honorable KIRAN BEDI, Global Women’s Award by MVLA Trust, WAW Honorary Award, Iconic Independent Woman award, Femina World Women Leadership Congress Award, International Humanitarian Award. Apart from these, she has also been listed First in the Forbes Magazine on Women’s Day in 2020, making it a prominent achievement of her life ever since. Dr. Rita Jairath has also been the first woman from India to compete in the Arnold Classic and Amateur Olympia as well.


A bodybuilder, a writer, a judge, and a peacemaker, Dr. Rita Jairath has been conferred the title of WORLD PEACE AMBASSADOR for her utmost dedication and service towards maintaining world peace and bringing about a positive change in society. Motivation for many, she has been trying to inspire people all around with her talks on several prominent issues like the Fitness of mind, soul, and body as well as teaching women everywhere about improving their physical strength and fitness. From being the unageing beauty that has been on the cover of several reputed magazines to being the ambassador for a sports supplement company and Tanishq Jewelers, Dr. Rita Jairathhas been on a successful journey of breaking the barriers for women all around the globe.


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