Droupadi Murmu officially declared India’s 15th President

22 July, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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Droupadi Murmu, the NDA's presidential candidate was formally sworn in as nation's 15th president.

After the end of vote-counting on Thursday, Droupadi Murmu, the NDA’s presidential candidate was formally sworn in as nation’s 15th president.

However, Yashwant Sinha earned 1,877 votes with a value of 3,80,177, while Murmu received 2,824 votes with a value of 6,76,803. 4,809 MPs and MLAs participated in the voting that was conducted on July 18.

President-elect Droupadi Murmu received the certificate at her house in Delhi from PC Mody, Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha and Returning Officer for the 2022 Presidential Election.

“The results of the presidential election were announced with 4754 votes cast, of which 4701 were legitimate and 53 were invalid. The required number of votes (for a candidate to win the presidency) was 5,28,491. #DroupadiMurmu won 2824 first-preference votes, totaling 6,76,803 votes “stated Mody.

He further added “Yashwant Sinha received 1,877 first preference votes, worth 3,80,177. Because #DroupadiMurmu received more first preference votes than was required, I, the returning officer, proclaim that she has been elected to the position of President of India.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president JP Nadda visited Murmu at her home in the capital city shortly after the third round of counting was finished and offered their congratulations on her victory.