Each effort counts! Kohlapur-based businessman uses daughter’s wedding as opportunity to spread awareness about farm laws

25 December, 2020 | newsx bureau

Kolhapur businessman educates people on Farm Laws National

Kolhapur based businessman Lalit Gandhi held a session at his daughter's wedding to educate people on Farm Laws and misinformation around them. Lalit Gandhi highlighted the abundance of merits in t...

Amid escalating tensions between farmers and the Centre, people like Lalit Gandhi, a businessman based out of Kolhapur, are trying to educate people on the merits of these laws.

Instead of organizing a musical evening a day prior to his daughter’s wedding, Lalit Gandhi on Wednesday decided to use the opportunity to educate people on the specifications of the contentious farm laws. He decided to devote 30 minutes from the celebration and explain the precise terms mentioned in the farm laws.

Addressing the media at the event, Lalit Gandhi told reporters that Nation Farmers’ Day falling on December 23rd was another signifying factor. He said that he held the event to silence any misconceptions or false beliefs among the guests regarding the Farm Laws. He took advantage of the number of people with similar ideologies present at the wedding and tried to change their views en masse. Lalit Gandhi added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is bringing drastic improvements for the farmers through new initiatives.

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Gandhi is the head of the Lalit Gandhi group and owns a multitude of businesses throughout Maharashtra. He is also quite keen regarding the farming industry and has, through local and national organisations, aimed at increasing the output and income of traditional farmers, while promoting modern technologies and also motivating the youth to take up modern farming.

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