EAM Jaishankar meets Argentina technology minister, bilateral cooperation discussed

6 February, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met with Argentina's Science and Technology Minister Daniel Filmus.

On Monday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met with Argentina’s Science and Technology Minister Daniel Filmus. During the conference, dignitaries discussed bilateral cooperation in atomic energy, space, digital, defence, and biotechnology. Jaishankar further emphasised the need of boosting trade investment and collaboration, as well as acting as a model of South-South cooperation.

In a tweet, EAM Jaishankar stated,  “Glad to meet Minister of S&T and Innovation of Argentina @FilmusDaniel. Discussed our cooperation in atomic energy, space, digital, defence & biotechnology. Underlined the potential for expanding trade, investment &collaboration and serving as an example of south-south cooperation”.

Previously, in August of last year, the EAM met with Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernandez. Both leaders emphasised boosting bilateral cooperation, particularly making trade levels more sustainable and ambitious, at the discussion.

He also met with Economy Minister Sergio Massa, whom he praised for his optimistic vision on extending our economic partnership. At the time, India acknowledged Argentina’s interest in the Tejas fighter aircraft produced in India for the Argentine Air Force. The two parties also discussed broadening the scope of their collaboration, including the signing of further MOUs/Agreements.

The negotiations on fighter aircraft came as Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have expressed interest in the Made in India plane. Several nations have expressed interest in India’s indigenous aircraft in the defence industry due to its better flying ability, manoeuvrability, and simplicity of handling.

The Indian Air Force has outfitted the Tejas with the French-made Hammer air-to-ground stand-off missile as well as indigenous Astra air-to-air missiles. The Indian armed forces have extensively used the allocated financial powers provided to them by the government in various stages to equip themselves with the required armaments to deal with any war or aggression by opponents on both sides.

The Indian Air Force is actively supporting the indigenous LCA Tejas fighter aircraft development by enhancing the aircraft’s capabilities. The IAF has already operationalized two of its squadrons in initial operational clearance and final operational clearance forms, and a deal for the 83 Mark1As due to be delivered in a few years has been inked. The IAF is also interested in the LCA Mark 2 and the AMCA being developed for it by the DRDO.