EC: Seven Assembly Bypolls In Six States On Nov 3

4 October, 2022 | Pranay Lad

EC Top News

The Election Commission of India (EC) announced the timetable on Monday. By-elections will be held for seven assembly constituencies in six states on Nov 3, and results will be announced three days...

The Election Commission of India (EC) announced on October 3 that By-elections to seven vacant Assembly seats in six states to be conducted in November.


According to the schedule provided by the EC, voting would occur on November 3 and counting would occur on November 6. Andheri East in Maharashtra, Mokama and Gopalganj in Bihar, Adampur in Haryana, Munogode in Telangana, Gola Gokrannath in Uttar Pradesh, and Dhamnagar in Odisha will all have byelections.

The deadline for nominations is October 14, and the schedule calls for a Friday notice of the by-elections. The deadline for withdrawing candidacy is October 17; the deadline for nominations review is October 15.

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