EC to hold international conference of election management bodies today

31 October, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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A two-day international conference on the "Role, Framework, and Capacity of Election Management Bodies" will be held in New Delhi starting today.

A two-day international conference on the “Role, Framework, and Capacity of Election Management Bodies” will be held in New Delhi starting today by the Election Commission of India (ECI). The Cohort on Election Integrity, which was created as a follow-up to the December 2021 “Summit for Democracy,” is headed by the ECI.

Rajiv Kumar, the chief election commissioner for India, will open the two-day meeting, which will take place between October 31 and November 1. Anup Chandra Pandey, the election commissioner, will preside over the last session.

In order to foster collaboration, ECI, the cohort’s lead on “Election Integrity,” invited Greece, Mauritius, and IFES to serve as co-leads. In addition to EMBs and government counterparts involved in the conduct of elections throughout the world, ECI urged UNDP and International IDEA to notify the government on Saturday.

It is anticipated by 50 participants from 11 EMBs of 11 nations—Armenia, Mauritius, Nepal, Cabo Verde, Australia, Chile, Federal States of Micronesia, Greece, Philippines, Sao Tome and Principe, USA—as well as three international organizations—IFES, International IDEA, and UNDP.

On Day 1, the first two sessions will focus on the problems that the EMBs are currently and afterwards facing in relation to their framework and role in ensuring election integrity.

The CEC will preside over the opening session and provide the keynote speech. The US Charge d’ Affaires will speak to the Conference first.

Electoral Commissioners of Nepal and Mauritius will co-chair the first session on the “Current Challenges” encountered by EMBs. Election authorities from Greece, Nepal, Chile, and Mexico will make presentations throughout the event.