Echha Joshi, a clinical nutritionist, calls to embrace healthy food habits

22 December, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

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Echha Joshi, a clinical nutritionist, has a vast reserve of knowledge of food and how to lead a disease-free life, and she uses her experience and knowledge to help people with a healthy and long l...

“When a diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When the diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” Reports say that nearly half of all deaths due to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are because of poor and sub-optimal diets. Echha Joshi, a clinical nutritionist & wellness expert, entices you to break out of old, unhealthy habits and cultivate a positive connection with your body in her expert guidance. 

Echha Joshi, a clinical nutritionist, has a vast reserve of knowledge of food and how to lead a disease-free life, and she uses her experience and knowledge to help people with a healthy and long life. Echha’s passion for nutrition arises from a fascination to help people live pain-free lives without chronic illnesses.

Due to time impediments, doctors spend very little time counseling their patients on lifestyle changes. Encouraging a healthful diet in patients promotes the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases, such as CVD, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. It works better than most drugs and pills.

You are what you eat! There is no phrase more accurate than this. But these days, people are trying to replace the goodness of natural food with artificial supplements. The outcome is that we’re over-medicated, under-educated, and struggling with our health for long periods. We’re not only jeopardizing our health but also our upcoming generation’s health by being ignorant of our bodies ‘ needs.

Unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, high stress, and a lot of medications that we take to treat these various conditions – lead to inflammation – which further leads to 90% of most common diseases—type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. You need someone to simplify things and guide you towards better eating habits and positive lifestyle habits. That’s where a clinical nutritionist comes in.

Eccha Joshi emphasizes the latest advances in nutrition science. She deciphers them into easily digestible information to help people, or even entire communities, to get healthier. The study of Clinical nutrition is about helping prevent and treat chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. In her opinion, anyone who wants to give nutrition advice can call themselves a nutritionist.

Echha Joshi discovered the healing power of food and concluded that most diseases, including diabetes, obesity, PCOD, hyper & hypothyroid, heart ailments, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, and even cancer, often find their roots in the habits of people. Echha Joshi says, “Food is the most effective and powerful drug available to us, and masking the problem is like creating many others with pills. We should prevent them rather than cure them.”

She has been practicing this science for 10 years, and in these years, she has helped many people transform their lives through her vast knowledge and precious insights. She is a trained practitioner trained in understanding the scientific base of nutrition and can provide insights into how the food we eat impacts our health and well-being based on science and fact.

Echha Joshi, a woman, mother, clinical nutritionist, health coach, and Yoga instructor, solved her problems through patience, determination, and grit. According to Echha Joshi, healthy eating promotes the long-term aim of maintaining a well-balanced diet. She promotes good health by recommending therapeutic diets to manage various diseases. This miracle woman plays a vital role in guiding people for the prevention of diseases and promotion of good health, besides recommending therapeutic nutrition plans for the management of various diseases which are lifestyle-driven.