Employment Generation will be our first priority: Pramod Sawant on Chief Minister’s Forum

6 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant joined iTV Network for an exclusive conversation as part of its special series 'The Chief Minister's Podium.' In the exclusive conversation, he spoke about his ...

Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant joined iTV Network for an exclusive conversation as part of its special series ‘The Chief Minister’s Podium.’ In the exclusive conversation, he spoke about his vision for Goa, implementation of Uniform civil code & much more. Read excerpts:

Speaking about his vision for Goa is, he explained “First would be employment generation. To generate and create new employment opportunities across Goa, be it through government sector or the private sector. That is our first priority. Second, is our infrastructure. Since 2014, thanks to the double engine government and PM Modi, we could achieve what hadn’t happened in last 50 years. This includes infrastructure in tourism, health sector, roads.”

Further, he explained “‘Goa has a great start up policy. We also have the Atal incubation centre. We have an ignite centre with the GM college. Everyone who wants to join the start ups is welcomed to do so. EDC gives loans at the rate of 2 percent to rural women in Goa. Internet connections will soon be made available in the whole state of Goa.”

He also talked about providing internet connection to all the corners of his state. He said “Our policy is to provide fibre network in every home to make Work from Home easy and possible. Ease of doing business is being looked into. Out idea is to give internet services in all the corners of Goa so that all the youngsters have an option of working from home in adverse situations like COVID.”

When asked about his take on the anti-conversion bill, he said “I said in my speech Dev, Dharma and Desh, which means the nation in which god resides, religion can be best protected there, thus protecting the nation. Even today, i say that we follow Uniform civil code. I have not spoken against anyone’s religion. It is every religion’s right to protect itself and it does not mean attack other religion and convert it. Everyone’s religion is dear to them. Since liberation till today, we have been following Uniform civil code.” When asked how serious is the BJP regarding the implementation of UCC and how they will be tackling opposition, he responded, “We have been following UCC in Goa and it should be implemented across the nation. Nobody should have any issue in following UCC.”
1000 Martys’ families will be adopted and be provided tablets and support for modern technical education free of cost. Thanking NewsRoom for providing tech support to martyrs’ families. Technical education in Goa has been subsidized and the fee has been reduced for 50 per cent to prove technical education. Goa provided tech education at a minimal cost.
Talking about the programmes for the students in his state, he said ” Under the make in india provision we have started the skill india industry under which thousands of students are gaining life skills for all students across india.”
Talking about the action plan to mitigate the impact of Covid in Goa, he said, “Goa was thr first one to achieve 100% vaccination rate. It was opened to the tourists as early as possible. Not just declare, Goa was the first one to follow all Covid-19 norms. It was also the first one to welcome international tourists. Tourists across the country and the world are coming to Goa and calling it the safest tourist destination. We have achieved 100% vaccination rate for both the doses.”

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