Entrepreneur Ahmed W. Elzoghabi gives a excellent life lesson he learnt about business during his teenage

24 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Ahmed W. Elzoghabi Business

Based out of New Jersey, USA, Ahmed W. Elzoghabi has established many successful business ventures at a very young age. Some of these include La Vague Trades and Integrated Home Solutions Inc.

The main goal of any business is to succeed and be a leader in the market. While the key to achieving immeasurable success lies in the quality of products and services, it is also important to note that keeping up with the times is essential. It has become crucial ever since the advancement of technology has given a wakeup call to many businesses and entrepreneurs to stay up to date. Ahmed W. Elzoghabi, a fervent entrepreneur gives an insight into how the world is changing with the advancements in the business.

Based out of New Jersey, USA, he pursued a course in Bachelors of International Business and Economics. His initial experience in corporate and telecom sales helped him gain tremendous experience after which he incorporated a business selling agency serving Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies. Without turning back, Elzoghabi launched ‘La Vague Trades’ at the age of 23. It is a trading community platform for all the traders dealing in stock trading and options trading.

Ahmed’s business acumen did not limit here, and with time he ventured into another business. ‘Integrated Home Solutions Inc’ is yet another business venture founded by the entrepreneur. It is a one-stop destination for appliances and electronic gadgets like smart televisions, smartphones, security devices like CCTV cameras and solar panels. One thing to understand from Ahmed’s life as an entrepreneur is his diversified business skills.

Throwing light on his success as an entrepreneur, he revisited the rough phase of his life. “Since I was 13, I helped my father to manage a limousine company with an aim to scale it to newer heights. With time, the business improved, but when Uber arrived, the business did not remain the same. It was then I learnt a lesson that the world changes every minute and every second”, said Ahmed. He further emphasised the need to bring innovation and stay up to date with the latest trends happening in the market.

One of the sole reasons behind Ahmed establishing many business ventures is to maximise creativity and productivity in his work. The entrepreneur is now a master when it comes to multi-task. At a very young age, he has overcome all the complexities of life and has achieved mammoth success in the business field. Ahmed W. Elzoghabi is the epitome of inspiration, who shares his best knowledge about business and trading via his YouTube videos.