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28 June, 2023 | newsx bureau

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House of Glenfiddich finds its essence in the realms of art, fashion, design, entrepreneurship, and travel, appealing to those who appreciate quality and the finer things in life.

Embarking on an exploratory journey, engaging in an artistic exchange, and promising boundless possibilities, we present House of Glenfiddich, the luxury lifestyle brand by William Grant and Sons India Private Limited, in partnership with Three Sixty. This collaboration aims to create extraordinary consumer experiences, blending the realms of art, travel, and beyond. Committed to their visionary and creative ethos, House of Glenfiddich relentlessly pushes the boundaries of innovation and design. Through avant-garde showcases and cutting-edge collaborations, they redefine the very essence of contemporary luxury.

As trailblazers in the industry, William Grant and Sons have consistently pioneered innovation, experiences, and partnerships worldwide, offering a diverse range of limited editions and collectibles to meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers. Similarly, House of Glenfiddich identifies with the evolving concept of luxury for the Indian consumer, striving to provide high-quality products and experiences.

In alignment with their brand pillars, House of Glenfiddich has joined forces with Three Sixty, a renowned lifestyle brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and bespoke handcrafted leather furniture. This partnership unites the values shared by both entities—the refined and sophisticated approach to luxurious living upheld by House of Glenfiddich and Three Sixty’s unwavering commitment to sustainable innovation.

House of Glenfiddich finds its essence in the realms of art, fashion, design, entrepreneurship, and travel, appealing to those who appreciate quality and the finer things in life. The brand curates a range of products and experiences for discerning consumers in India, drawing inspiration from global trends while also offering personalized items and immersive experiences that evolve with time.

Exuding a multi-sensory allure, the House of Glenfiddich collection caters to diverse tastes and design sensibilities. From stylish travel duffle bags and chic pouches to meticulously handcrafted furniture collectibles like elegant bar stools and comfortable lounge chairs, each piece invites admiration.

These exceptional creations can be purchased through the online store at https://www.threesixty.life/collections/house-of-glenfiddich, as well as at physical retail locations, including the flagship store at Sultanpur, MG Road, Delhi. Additionally, selected items will be available at Ambiance – Kirti Nagar, Delhi, and Trezure – Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, which are B2B outlets. Travelers passing through Indore airport can also find a selection of House of Glenfiddich products at the Three Sixty store.

House of Glenfiddich and Three Sixty share a common aspiration: to evoke a deep sense of care and emotional connection in consumers who embrace their symbolic creations.

Commenting on this partnership, Sachin Mehta, Country Director of William Grant & Sons India, expressed, “Today marks a significant milestone for our company and the future of luxury living. We take great pride in setting a new standard for bespoke luxury collections, personal storytelling, and product creations. House of Glenfiddich is thrilled to collaborate with Three Sixty to offer a distinctive proposition of lifestyle products, luxury living, and travel experiences.”