Explosive complaint against Vaze surfaces; Vaze Gate scam snowballs

25 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Sachin Vaze National

New information has been received by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) regarding Sachin Vaze's accomplices in the Antilia Case and the extortion of 100 crore rupees. Before being arrested, Sa...

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has received new information about Sachin Vaze’s helpers in the Antilia Case and the extortion of 100 crore rupees. Sachin stayed at the Trident Hotel in Mumbai before being arrested and provided a fake ID. The NIA has recently discovered who booked the hotel room for Vaze.

Also, a builder of mumbai has lodged a FIR against Sachin Vaze and his associates, alleging that he threatened him and tried to extort money from him. The builder also revealed an accused network of brokers fighting for prestige positions with the Maharashtra government in his letter to DGP and current Mumbai Police Chief. He demanded an investigation into the suspended officer’s suspected corruption and extortion activities case, which are now being investigated by several investigation agencies.

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The builder says that he was told to pay lakhs of rupees to different people and was threatened against filing a case. He also added of going to the Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) to meet Sachin Vaze directly. He claimed to have recordings of Sachin’s associates on his phones. In the Antilia bomb incident, Riyazuddin Kazi, a close helper of Vaze’s, has agreed to act as a confirmation for the NIA. Assistant Police Inspector Riyazuddin Kazi is said to have gathered footage from CCTV cameras built in Vaze’s society where he live. He is accused of gathering the video in order to damage evidence that might involve the main suspect, Sachin Vaze.

Now, many of the Crime Branch teams have begun their investigations as well. In the same, when some CCTV footage was recorded. At the same time, it was discovered that the Scorpio and Innova drivers stayed together for about five minutes at Sion Circle before arriving at Mukesh Ambani’s building. Before, they used to drive their own cars 200-300 meters away from Thane.

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