FIFA WC: Croatia Enters into Semis, Oust Five-Time Champions Brazil on Penalties

10 December, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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Croatia defeated Brazil 4-2 to maintain their perfect record in World Cup penalty shootouts and advanced to the semifinals in a thrilling game on Friday at the Education City Stadium.

In a thrilling match on Friday at the Education City Stadium, Croatia defeated Brazil 4-2 to maintain their perfect record in World Cup penalty shootouts and advanced to the semifinals.

After two hours of play, the two sides were unable to be separated since both teams scored in the extra period. Neymar’s historic goal gave Brazil the advantage. The attacker tied Pele’s record by scoring his 77th goal for his nation in the 105th minute. In the 117th minute, Bruno Petkovic’s kick gave Croatia the equaliser, throwing its supporters into a frenzy. Marquinhos and Rodrygo of Brazil missed their penalty shots in the shootout, but Croatia miraculously made all four of their attempts to move on to the semifinals of the competition.

Croatia’s defensive tenacity defeated Brazil’s offensive flair, and the nation’s first-ever victory over Brazil may be attributed to goalie Dominik Livakovi.

After two gruelling knockout round matches that saddened Brazilian supporters, Croatia once more played up to their reputation.

Brazil came out considerably more aggressively in the second half in an effort to break the tie. They had increased the stakes and generated several opportunities, but they were unable to take use of them since they were lost.

Throughout the second half, a tough Croatian defence regularly caused Brazil problems. Brazil had two early opportunities after a strong start to the second half, but Livakovic denied the five-time winners a goal by stopping all of their attempts.

The game went into extra time because Brazil’s assaults were tenacious and the 2018 runners-up held their own against them.

The first quarterfinal of the FIFA World Cup had a scoreless first half.
Brazil and Croatia failed to produce any clear-cut opportunities in the opening half. The quickness and originality of the two teams were glimpsed.

In the first few minutes of the game, Brazilian strikers Vinicius and Neymar made a few fast rushes towards the Croatian box. In the fourth minute, Vinicius attempted a long-range shot and came within inches of the Croatian goalpost, making the game’s first stop.

Players made various errors during very difficult occasions in both camps. Both Casemiro and Luka Modric were deemed to have made poor passes while in control of the ball.

In the fourteenth minute of the game, Croatia won the game’s first corner, but the European team was unable to capitalise on it. In the 19th minute, they attempted to score by using Kramaric, but it was blocked by the Brazilian defence.

Both sides were trading punches, as Croatia successfully withstood Brazil’s offensive onslaught while sporadically attempting to score on rapid counterattacks, leaving the latter devastated.

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Vinicius showed outstanding skill the whole half, creating opportunities for his team, but a strong Croatian defence held firm to prevent the striker from having a clean chance.

There wasn’t much of a difference between the two teams at the break. Croatia will face Argentina, as the latter ousted Netherlands, in a battle for a position in the championship game.