Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Focusing on making students learn and earn at the same time: Ashutosh Singh

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Ashutosh Singh, EdTech Content Creator, recently joined NewsX for an candid interview as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the exclusive conversation, Ashutosh shared his journey of creating a technological community and much more. Read excerpts:

Speaking about the basis of the community he is building, Ashutosh said, “Technical Sapien was created in January 2018, and it has been created with a vision to help college students learn and earn at the same time. Nowadays we face a lot of problems in financial literacy, so we are helping them out to learning new skills and monetise those skills Our main target or the main focus of our community is on students and making them learn and earn at the same time.”

Talking about the skills that they help them acquire, he said, “We host a free six month challenge. It is called the 6:00 AM challenge, in which we focus on blogging, digital marketing, etc. If someone interested in cyber security and influencer building or if someone want to build their own community and want to be an influencer. There are six to seven streams that we are focusing on and we help them on weekly basis. We give them an article that is completely free so they can they learn from it. It is kind of a roadmap. They learn from a roadmap. It focuses on how to start, how to approach the clients, how to turn their skills profitable, how to monetise, how to advertise so it is kind of a road map that we’re giving them for six months. We make sure that after following our road map for four to five months, they can easily monetise those skills. After complete six months, they can say ‘yes, I’m financially independent.’

When asked about the people who have already joined the community and utilised his platform, Ashutosh said ,“Our communities, most of the time, have been focused on technologists aspects so people have been learning programming, data science and competitive coding. We’re helping them in providing resources. Most of the time these resources are almost free like it has been. It has been public or at the GitHub repository. We’re helping them with the free resources to enhance their skills. We have also launched a membership kind of thing. With help of that, we help them to improve their skills and monetise it.”

Check out the entire interview on NewsX YouTube:

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