Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Four Lives Lost, Seven Injured in String of Balochistan Shootings

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In a distressing turn of events reported by Dawn, Balochistan, Pakistan witnessed three separate firing incidents in the Nasirabad district on Friday, resulting in four fatalities, including two women, and seven others sustaining injuries. One incident unfolded in Jamal-Wah village, where unknown armed individuals entered a house in the Notal area, opening fire and causing the instant death of a woman and her daughter named Robina Bibi and Salma. The assailants fled the scene, prompting a police investigation into the potential motive, which is speculated to be linked to an old enmity.

Another tragic event occurred in the Jhand area, marked by an armed clash between the Bugti and Bhangar tribes over a land dispute. The confrontation, involving gunfire from both sides, persisted for an hour, resulting in the death of Mir Jan Bhangar and injuries to seven individuals, including Ghulam Hussian, the son of the deceased. The injured parties, belonging to both tribes, were swiftly transported to Dera Murad Jamali District Hospital.

Lastly, in the Domki area of Dera Murad Jamali, armed assailants targeted and killed Sojala Khan. The motive behind this particular incident remains unclear as the attackers fled after the fatal shooting. Authorities are actively investigating these distressing events in Balochistan

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