Fresh autopsy ordered by Madras High Court following death of Kallakurichi schoolgirl

18 July, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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If violence is deliberate, Justice N Sathish Kumar orders the TN Police to create special squads to investigate.

In response to a request by the father of the deceased girl, the Madras High Court ordered a team of doctors to conduct a fresh autopsy on the body of the student from a private school in the Kallakurichi area on Monday.

On the basis of a plea submitted by the girl’s father, Justice N Sathish Kumar issued the temporary orders.

According to him, the re-postmortem will be performed by a group of medical professionals chosen by the court, and the entire process will be recorded on video with the deceased’s father and an attorney present.

The girl’s parents were forbidden from speaking to the media about the incident and were instructed to take the girl’s body after the autopsy was over without causing any more issue.

The judge ordered Tamil Nadu police to form special squads to investigate the incident and apprehend the perpetrators in reference to the unrestrained violence carried out on Sunday on the grounds of Sakthi matriculation Higher Secondary School in Kaniyamoor in Kallakurichi district by a group of protesters who had damaged and torched vehicles, furniture, and certificates of students at the school.

He instructed the police that such incidents would be dealt with severely in addition to being ordered to submit a status report by July 29. A potentially chaotic scenario has been created by the violent episodes in the State, which is being regarded as tranquil, according to Justice Sathish Kumar, who claimed that the violence appeared to have been premeditated.

He mandated that the CB-CID investigate all unnatural deaths reported in educational facilities, and that the autopsy be recorded on camera.

When the judge questioned the petitioner about why he still engaged in protests after entering the court, his attorney claimed that older students at the institution were responsible for the violent uprising rather than the girl’s parents.

Earlier, State Public Prosecutor (SPP) Hasan Mohammed Jinnah testified in court on behalf of the Police, saying that a CB-CID investigation into the event had been ordered and that the situation had been stabilised.

The petition was taken as the first item for hearing, as requested by the SPP.

The Class XII student’s body was discovered in the building on July 13, and school officials informed her parents that she had jumped to her death from the hostel where she was staying.
The group of protesters, belonging to various outfits, gathered from different parts of the northern districts to storm into the school before engaging in a rampage and setting it on fire on Sunday, while the parents and their relatives were calling for a re-postmortem and criminal action against the school administration.

The local police were taken off guard and fought to contain the situation because they had been too relaxed about the possibility of a violent protest. In the interim, the protestors had severely damaged men, including police officers, and property.

On the recommendation of the Chief Minister, senior government figures, including Home Secretary Phanindra Reddy and DGP C Sylendra Babu, hurried to the scene to intensify attempts to restore public calm and order.