2024 Polls: G20 Focus of PM’s Message to BJP Colleagues

6 December, 2022 | Pranay Lad

G20 National

PM Modi encouraged his party members to make sure that the G20 platform was utilised to highlight India's culture and diversity.

According to those in attendance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked to BJP office bearers on Monday about the upcoming state elections in 2023, India’s G20 chairmanship and the significant G20 summit in Delhi in 2023, as well as the national elections in 2024.

The PM’s speech on the first day of the two-day national office-bearer’s meeting, which is taking place in the nation’s capital, is significant because it comes just after Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, two states that participated in this round of voting, have finished casting their votes. This marks the start of a 17–18 month election cycle that will culminate in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Additionally, it is notable since it occurs soon after India assumed the G20 grouping’s year-long chairmanship.

According to a senior politician with knowledge of the situation, Modi encouraged his party members to make sure that the G20 platform is utilised to highlight India’s culture and diversity and that the country’s citizens participate in high-profile events through creative programmes.

After the meeting, Raman Singh, a vice president of the Bharatiya Janata Party and a former chief minister of Chhattisgarh, gave a press conference and said that the prime minister had emphasised that India’s G20 leadership “is a cause of pride for all Indians.”

According to Singh, PM Modi also mentioned the advancements India has achieved recently and claimed that the nation has become an economic power. India has advanced economically despite obstacles. It has led the way for the rest of the globe during the Covid epidemic. According to him (Prime Minister Modi), the G20 is an occasion to celebrate India’s culture, diversity, and Indianness, and all Indians should attend.

The PM stated that India will work to ensure that the G20 acts as a global prime mover to envision new ideas and accelerate collective action over the course of the next year and that the presidency will be “inclusive, ambitious, decisive, and action-oriented” when accepting the grouping’s presidency gavel from Indonesian President Joko Widodo last month.

The PM emphasised the need of securing the execution of social welfare schemes and asked his party members to ensure last-mile delivery of government programmes in remote areas at their Monday meeting.

The focus, according to Singh, was on making sure that border settlements are improved and that tourist prospects be investigated there. He made reference to the active border village initiative and advised party officials to make sure that local residents are directly engaged in order to solve their problems, Singh added.

The dynamic villages programme, which was unveiled in this year’s Union Budget, aims to boost infrastructure and development in bordering communities while also enhancing connectivity.

The PM, according to Singh, also discussed strengthening cultural connections. He was referring to the Kashi Tamil Sangamam, a month-long celebration of historical cultural links between Kashi and Tamil Nadu that is now taking place in Varanasi.

A suggestion he made at the party’s national executive conference in Hyderabad, the PM also asked party members to step up outreach as part of the “Sneh Milans.”

The conference, which took place concurrently with the end of the Gujarat assembly election, also covered preparations for the 2024 general election and a number of state elections that would take place before it.

According to a functionary with knowledge of the specifics, “the subject of reinforcing booths ahead of the 2018 elections was discussed, as well as certain other poll-related matters.” The BJP’s meticulous election preparation involves personnel devoted to each of the million or so polling places nationwide.

Party president JP Nadda presided over the meeting on Monday, which also included the party’s national office holders and state presidents, general secretaries, and state in-charges. These officials also provided an outline of the preparations made by the state agencies for the Lok Sabha elections.

The BJP has chosen 144 Lok Sabha seats as special priority areas since they were locations where the party struggled in the general elections of 2014 and 2019. Reports from ministers and other senior leaders who were sent to tour these constituencies will also be presented during the conference.