Apple iOS 18: What to Expect – Compatible Devices, New Features, and More

The forthcoming iOS 18 update from Apple is anticipated to present a substantial advancement compared to iOS 17, primarily due to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

As anticipation builds for Apple’s 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled for June, all eyes are on the upcoming iOS 18 update, poised to be a game-changer for iPhone users. The buzz surrounding iOS 18 revolves largely around its integration of artificial intelligence (AI), promising a significant leap forward from iOS 17.

While Apple traditionally keeps a tight lid on product details until official announcements, CEO Tim Cook recently hinted at the company’s ambitious plans for generative AI, signaling a major focus on AI advancements. Reports suggest that iOS 18 will introduce four AI-powered features, including large language models (LLMS) and a new generative AI app named iWork.

However, the excitement comes with a caveat. According to insights from the New York Post, the AI-driven features of iOS 18 will exclusively cater to iPhones equipped with the robust A12 Bionic chip. This means users of older models, such as the iPhone 8 Plus or earlier iterations, as well as the first-generation iPhone SE lineup introduced in 2016, will miss out on the cutting-edge capabilities due to outdated hardware limitations.

The exclusion of older devices underscores the necessity for the A12 Bionic chip’s processing power and memory to support the advanced functionalities of iOS 18. Consequently, users of incompatible iPhones not only risk missing out on the upcoming update but also face the prospect of losing access to future iOS updates altogether.

Notably, the A12 Bionic chip made its debut with the iPhone XR and XS models. Hence, owners of the XR, XS, second and third-generation iPhone SE models, and devices from the iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 series can look forward to embracing the innovative features of iOS 18.

In addition to AI enhancements, iOS 18 is rumored to introduce revamped Home Screen design options, empowering eligible iPhone users to customize their device layout with added flexibility. Speculations also hint at potential collaborations, including a rumored partnership with Google’s AI bot Gemini, poised to elevate user experiences.

All eyes are set on Apple’s WWDC event from June 10 through June 14, where the tech giant is expected to unveil the full array of features and functionalities packed into iOS 18, shaping the future of iPhone usage and AI integration.