Disney+ rolls out new 'GroupWatch' feature; here's everything you need to know

Disney+ is rolling out a new ‘GroupWatch’ feature which lets as many as seven friends watch shows or movies together remotely. GroupWatch starts rolling out on Tuesday.

Disney+ is rolling out a new ‘GroupWatch’ feature, which will help the users enjoy their favourite movies and shows with their friends. According to Deadline, Disney+ announced the news on Tuesday. As its name implies, GroupWatch lets as many as seven friends (who all have their own Disney+ logins) watch shows or movies together remotely. Unlike the majority of group streaming apps, it works on phones, computers, and TVs through smart TV apps or streaming devices. GroupWatch starts rolling out Tuesday.

The users will have to go to the ‘Details’ page for a piece of content on Disney+ and press the new ‘GroupWatch’ button there. Mobile and web users can then start a room and send out invites to others; those can be accepted and used on TVs by folks who prefer to watch movies on living displays they spent hundreds of dollars on.
Deadline reported that once a stream is started, anyone in the room can control playback, and it will sync automatically for everyone else.

“Storytelling comes alive when you are able to share and enjoy it with others,and GroupWatch offers a way to safely connect virtually by co-viewing your favorite Disney+ stories with your favorite people from the comfort of your living room,” Jerrell B Jimerson, SVP Product Management for Disney+, said in a press release. The users can pause the movie or show anytime without any need to seek permission.

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Additionally, the users can react using six different emojis by opening the Disney+ mobile app during a stream. However, the option for built-in text or video chat is not available. Disney went live with GroupWatch after test runs in Canada, Australia and New Zealand earlier this month. (ANI)