Get Your Twitter Blue Tick In 2021

Twitter will be reopening its account verification soon. In a detailed blogpost, Twitter has shared that it will be launching a public application process soon.

Three years after pausing the verification process, Twitter has announced that it is reopening its account verification process soon. Twitter recently released a detailed blogpost which assured that starting next year it intends to launch a public application process where anyone can submit a request for a coveted blue badge.

Existing blue tick holders will be removed if their account found inactive or if does not meet new requirements, which will take effect from January 20th.

In November this year, Twitter has asked for suggestions for its new verification process. The application process for the new verification model will open at some point in early 2021. Users waiting to apply will need to wait a touch longer until another formal announcement.

Changes in the Verification process

Twitter announced Key changes to the verification process which include:

·         Twitter no longer requires a profile bio or a header image.

·         Updated references to Wikipedia definition of notability and added a stable Wikipedia article as one of the several requirements for being recognized as notable.

·         Updated the News category to also recognize journalists

·         Updated the Sports category to recognize eSports

·         Added digital content creators to the Entertainment category

Changes For existing blue badge accounts

Twitter stated that they will enforce the new policy from January 20, 2021onwards. After that, they will start removing the verified badge from inactive and incomplete accounts. As per this policy, a complete account should have these 3 requirements as following :

·        either a verified email address or phone number

·        a profile image

·        a display name

The user will get an automated email and an in-app notification about the changes to continue your blue tick. Account users have to make required changes before January 20, 2021, to carry a verified blue badge tick.

In addition to that Twitter has also said that they are still exploring adding categories for academics, scientists and religious leaders. Blogpost says, “Until then, any of these individuals may qualify under the “Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals” category.”

In addition to that Twitter also announced that will also building a way to make Memorial accounts for people who are no longer living. Twitter will release the application process for this in late 2021.

Earlier in 2017 Twitter has suspended its verification program over confusion about the meaning of verification. At that time twitter said, ‘’Verification has long been perceived as an endorsement. We gave verified accounts visual prominence on the service which deepened this perception”. Later In November 2020, Twitter announced that they were seeking feedback for its verification program.

Twitter India tries to top off holes in allotting the prestigious blue badge to numerous users. It seems that some of the provisions were objective, but few others still leave ample room for subjective assessment. However, Twitter has assured that the user can ‘request verification’ from their account settings.